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Role of Teachers And Students In School Education

These days schools in India are limited to the system in which a student goes to next standard every year.  A student is taught in the school irrespective of his interest.  The student plays the role of a crammer not a learner.  Sometimes what he learns, he himself does not understand it very well.  The teacher also teaches the students equally in the class room.  He does not give attention to the interests of the students.  He does not try to find out the talents hidden in a student.

Thus a teacher's main aim is to complete his syllabus and make the students cam what he is taught.  In the same way, students follow the same routine.  They go to class room and try to learn what the teacher is teaching.  It does not matter for the students that what is taught in the class room will be beneficial for them in the future.

Generally, the students go to library but they don't read the books available there.  They keep their syllabus books and read them only.  It is totally a boring routine what the students are following these days.

What should be for Students in Schools

The students should be separately taught in class room according to their interest.  After 8th standard, the syllabus should be prepared by keeping the career of the students in mind.  If a students interested in games and good at games, he should be given proper coaching.  If a students is interested in some technical works, he should are interested in electrical and electronics works, there should be workshops for them.

The teachers should motivate the interests of the students.  There are so many hobbies such as singing, dancing, playing, gardening, learning and the students should be motivated to choose their career by following the hobbies and habits in which they are interested.

At last we says  to parents please wake up and motivates your son/daughter to keep away such type aimless school education. Because at the time of employment they think about, what do this time. If you will keep away for this type Selfish Education System certainly you will be successful in your aim.

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