Bank Responsibility for lockers

Reserve Bank of India

Reserve Bank of India

What responsibility of banks for lockers?

In recent Gohaana (Jind), Haryana, Punjab National Bank, located on the road is big boned. Rogues has dug nearly 100 feet long, 7 feet deep and 2.5 feet wide tunnel  and through this reached the strong room of Punjab National Bank(PNB). To breaking there Kept 88  lockers jewelry and other valuables cleared by the thief’s.

Now the question arises that who will take the responsibility of these goods stolen from lockers ? Let me tell you that in a bank locker banks do not take responsibility for the material, because the bank has no record of it what you put in the locker.

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Let us know that in what conditions ,how many responsibilities of bank have.

Banks are not responsible-

In the locker of  banks are not responsible for the material. If due to natural disaster there is loss of goods stored in lockers,band is not responsible then also. In this case, the bank takes its steered clear and do not give any compensation to the customer. Moreover, in case of theft of bank any bank does not give any compensation. How much compensation can be made ​​under it, it is very difficult to define, because no one keeps in his locker, the bank does not know about it. However in case of theft, a person in court seeking compensation can be something from the bank.

Does not have to be a customer of the bank –

As per RBI guidelines, no bank locker facility just because someone could not refuse, because that person is a customer of the bank. However,  three years of bank lockers of people rent, service charge and the charge of emergency as security demands in the locker is open. For this the Bank may ask for a fixed deposit according to annual service charges and service rent.


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How secure is Locker-

Despite all these important papers or keep the money in the locker  safest way, because these lockers have plenty Security Test. After the fire these things are not burning is kept in lockers. Additionally, banks locker theft or damage of any kind are rare occurrences.


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