charges deducted by bank ever you visit or not

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charges deducted/collected  by bank ever you visit or not

Report from New Delhi

Awareness is important in every area of everyday life. So should all be aware, especially on financial matters. The Bank account is the same. People often amount debited to the bank statement, the bank officials are involved. It will take the bank in the absence of information is different charge collect from people. So,today we are telling you about some similar charges incurred, which the bank charges/collects you.

Ranging from opening a bank account in your own pocket for the transaction fees are charged.

The Bank also collect fees if you visit the bank twelve times 

If you believe that instead of using electronic transactions and ATM transaction is easy to go to the bank and no charge is not charged if you do it your misunderstanding. If you are a customer and a quarter of a private bank branch transactions and more than 12 times, then your account is debited by 50 per transaction amount . These charges are the most private banks charge.

Charge of closing the account

If you have opened several bank accounts are kept and now wish to close the account, you will note that it also costs money.They also  account for at least six months if you are not, then closing it in lieu of most banks charge between Rs. 50 to 200. If your account has more than six months in any transaction, then it may also have to pay the penalty.

Visit of other branch  bank also charge

The branch is in your account, separate from any other branch going to the transaction, so it will repay the money. Private banks do not charge for the first time such a transaction charge.But, then on each transaction is charged Rs. 5/- per thousand.

Monthly statement charge


The list of your bank statement in your pocket charge is charged.If you want your home bank statement is sent every month, so it will have to charge by bank. Most of the banks is the price to Rs- 200.However no charge collect for  send email statement. According to the instructions of the Reserve Bank, banks have to send statements to customers every 3 months, for which the bank no charge any fee.

Pay money seems to know the status of Cheque


If you want to know the status of cheque, the bank will be charge Rs.25/- for this. According to experts, it would have to pay fees not know the status of running cheque. But you know the status of the old Cheque when you have to pay fees.

Charges for Address confirmation

Unlike state owned banks,the private banks collects charges of Rs.50 to 200 for Document attestation, Certificate Balance, Interest Certificate, address confirmation, Attested signature and photo etc.

No Charge on Minimum Balance

Minimum balance in your bank account to the time of opening is conditional. No minimum balance is to drain your wallet much. However quarterly minimum balance in the account is maintained separately on bank ,charges from 750 to 1500 also collect.

The ATM of another bank will charge more than 5 transactions


With the convenience of withdrawing money from an ATM with consumers everywhere they have the problem that they do not get a bank ATM. They have to pay Rs.20 if they use ATM other bank after five transactions. However the use of your bank ATM charge at more than five times the figure is under preparation. The system has implemented in metro city. However given the state of the system can be applied in every city after some time.

Charge for Non Base Branch Withdraw cash at the second time in a month

Private banks are charging Rs.150  for it.

Charge for second time in a month in non-base branch to deposit

ICICI Bank is charging Rs 150 for it.

Charge for SMS alert Services

Rs. 15 charge quarterly and Rs. 60 for annually for it.


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