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Download Haryana HSSC PGT English Teacher Recruitment Answer Key of 27.03.2016 Examination, Paper Code A, B, C & D Solution of Advt. no. 04/2015 Cat. no. 5HSSC PGT English Answer Key ImageHSSC PGT English Recruitment Exam 2016

It is a good news for those persons who have participated in PGT English Recruitment Written Exam today on 27.03.2016 that HSSC will release the Answer Key of all codes at official website in April Month for the satisfactions of the applicants.  As you know that Haryana Staff Selection Commission was published this vacancy notification about 9 months ago. According to those job notice about 649 Lecturer of English Subjects will be appointed in Govt. Schools of Haryana (except Mewat) against Vacant seats.

Only Single district for Exam Centres at Yamuna Nagar was chosen by the commission of  for this screening test.

Important Points of PGT English Recruitment

Name of  PostPGT English (School Cadre)
GradeGroup B (HES –II)
Name of Recruiting CommissionHSSC (Haryana Staff Selection Commission, Panchkula)
Advt. No.4/2015
Cat. No.05
No. of Posts649 (Rest of Haryana)
Exam Schedule27.03.2016 (03:00 pm to 04:15 pm)
Exam CentresYamuna Nagar Districts Only
Answer KeySee Below

HSSC PGT English Answer Key 2016

Official Answer Key of PGT English will be published by HSSC soon at official website.  But before releasing that we are providing the unofficial answer key here for the candidates help.  The candidates are advised that please visit to this page regularly and got your information from blinking links.

Q. 1. Five years ago, father's age--------2 years hence.

Ans. 42 years.

Q. 2 Two Trains starting at the same time from-----------------of their speeds?

Ans. 11:9

Q. 3 Which of the following -------through air?

Ans. Tuberculosis

Q. 4 The apparatus used for ----------- heat change is called?

Ans. Calorimeter

Q. 5 Pollination with the help of air is known as ---

Ans. Anemophily

Q. 6 Thermocole is made from----

Ans. Polystyrene

Q. 7 Radiation pyrometer is a device that can measure

Ans.  very high temperature

Q. 8 My  very thoughts were like the-------- rustle of dead leaves.

Ans. ghostly

Q. 9 Choose the word that best expresses the meaning of the-------- whets one's appetite for a holiday.

Ans. Stimulates

Q. 10. Select the substitution that best expresses opposite------------ to his boss.

Ans. defiant

Q. 11. Choose the alternative which----------given idiom/ phrase.

Ans. to act high handeldly

Q. 12. Find the correctly spelt word.

Ans. Cabbage

Q. 13. ग्रामवासी शब्द में समास  है ?

Ans. तत्पुरष

Q. 14. निम्न पंक्तियों में कौन सा रस है |

मन मस्त हुआ -----------वाको क्यों खोले ?

Ans. शांत रस

Q. 15 निमिंलिखित में से उपसर्ग रहित शब्द कौन सा है ?

Ans. कथन

Q. 16. हितोपदेश  शब्द में कौन सी सन्धि है ?

Ans. - गुण सन्धि

Q. 17. कागज काला करना मुहावरे का अर्थ है ?

Ans. बेकार की बातें लिखना

Q. 18. All of the following districts are falls--------Ambala Commissionery, Except:

ans. Karnal

Q. 19 . Choose the correct pair.

Ans. Jal Mahal - Narnaul

Q. 20. Which one of the following pair of-----------their tenure is incorrect?

ans. R.S Narula - 2009-2014.

Q. 21. Who was the Chief Election Commissioner of India when---------Haryana Elected ?

Ans. None

Q. 22. Arrange the following Chief Ministers of Haryana --------chronological order:

Ans. 1,2,3,4 (Bansi Lal, B.D. Gupta, Devi Lal, Bhajan Lal)

Q. 23 The Famous story writer Bishamber Nath ----------were published in monthly magazine.

Ans. Letters of Dubey.

Q. 24. Arrange the following districts of Haryana ----------as per Census 2011 .

Ans. 1,2,4,3 (Faridabad, Hisar, Gurgaon, Rohtak).

Q. 25 Central Soil Salinity Research----------in the year.

Ans. 1969

Q. 26. Which of the following Harappan Civilization site was ----------Fatehabad, Haryana.

Ans. Banawali

Q. 27. The Capital of Kuru --------  16 Mahajanpadas, was

Ans. Indraprastha

Q. 28. No. of representatives of the Haryana------ Rajya Sabha is

Ans. 5

Q. 29. In Haryana Ambala Cantonment -------established in

Ans. 1843

Q. 30. Date of the formation of the district palwal of haryana is

Ans. 15 August, 2008.

Q. 31. All of the following are rivers of the Haryana state, except:

ans. Kotla

Q. 32. Prabhaka Vardhana was the first ----------established his capital at

Ans. Thanesar

Q. 33. The temple of Sheela Mata of Haryana ----------  architectural pattern.

Ans. Rajasthani

Q. 34. According to the legend, the Pandavas built a temple in the -----------Haryana State.

Ans. Jind

Q. 35. In which district of Haryana Atlast Cycle -----situated.

Ans. Sonipat

Q. 36. Which of the following dance is performed on the festival of Holi.

Ans. Loor Dance

Q. 37. In Haryana ' Mhara Gaon- Jagmag Goan' scheme launched on

Ans. 1st July, 2015

Q. 38. Who among the following dramatists--------Literary Society?

Ans. W.B. Yeats

Q. 39. Which of the following plays of Caryl Churchill exposes -----------------The Cherite England ?

Ans. Top Girls

Q. 40. Samuel Langhorne Clemens --------pseudonym of

Ans. Mark Twain

Q. 41. William Sydney Porter-------- the pseudonym of

Ans. O' Henry

Q. 42. Name the poet who was influenced by Jacksonian Democracy  and loco-foco movement.

Ans. Walt Whitman.

Q. 43. H.W. Longfellow and J.R. Lowell are called

Ans. The Romantic Poets

Q. 44. Barometer Rising, a famous Canadian novel is written by--

Ans. Mac Lennan

Q. 45.The Ecstasy of Rita Joe, one of the finest tragedies in Canadian drama, is written by---

Ans. George Ryga

Q. 46. Marian is the protagonist in

Ans. Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman

Q. 47. Jeffrey Moore's Prisoner in Red Rose Chain won---

Ans. The Commonwealth Book Prize in 2000.

Q. 48. Nissim Ezekiel was the first Indian Poet ----------Who said these words?

Ans. K. N. Daruwall

Q. 49. " I regard myself as an Indian --------------his own poetry?

Ans. Nissim Ezekiel

Q. 50. R. K. Narayan created the region, known as ----

Ans. Malgudi

Q. 51 Salman Rushdie won the ------------------1993 for.

Ans. Midnight Children

Q. 52 Anagonorisis means:

Ans. Recognition

Q. 53 Identify the correct group ----------critics.

Ans. Sir John Cheke - Roger Ascham- Thomas Wilson

Q. 54. " Custom is the most certain -------------declares this.

Ans. Ben Jonson

Q. 55. Who said about Coleridge's Biographia Literaria---------Bible of Criticism.

Ans. George Saintsbury.

Q. 56. A renowned critic enunciated --------------------that critic?

Ans. Jacques Derrida

Q. 57. Who pioneered the Feminist Criticism?

Ans. Elaine Showalter

Q. 58 Rhetoric is -----

Ans. The art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing.

Q. 59.  Prosody means----

Ans. The study of versification, especially of metrical structure.

Q. 60. A stressed syllable followed -------unstressed syllable is ----

Ans. Trochaic foot

Remaining Answer Key of PGT English will be published tomorrow.  So keep in touch.

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