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Download HTET  December (24.12.2017) Paper Answer Key of TGT & PRT/ JBT Level 1 & 2 of Set/ Code A, B, C, D Solution at

HTET Exam for Level first & second conducted successfully today on 24.12.2017 on Sunday in two sessions.  Some rumours were in news that the PRT/ JBT Paper has leaked. But Haryana Board declared it bogus and said that 6 persons have been arrested who involved in this matter.  Mostly bogus answer keys of 90 questions found on female candidates HTET 2016. You know that in this exam our prospective teachers participated with great zeal who have filled or will be filled Teachers Jobs in Haryana State. You can also obtain the correct answers of HTET TGT and PRT doubtful Questions.

HTET Answer Key

But after the more struggle HTET 2017 Papers have been completed successfully on 24.12.2017, because the paper pattern was changed by HBSE. Now the appearing students for HTET TGT and PRT will be searching official answers solutions on Google. Mostly webpage are providing you HTET 2017 TGT Answer Key and HTET 2017 PRT Answer Key unofficially which is solved by their expert team.  HTET Original Answer Key of both Papers with solution will be revealed later at official website and each candidate can use the following procedure for download that.

  • Open the Official website 
  • The link for Answer Keys will be available in January 2018 First Week along the HTET 2017 Answer Key Releasing Notice.
  • Select your Level 1 or Level 2.
  • Then Download PDF File of HTET TGT and PRT Answer Key 2017.
  • Select your Paper Code i.e. A, B, C, D etc.
  • Match your all Questions along with them.
  • So Wait for some days and find your HTET Solved Questions Papers with answer key objection notice.

Till the uploading of HTET Official Answer Keys of Child Development & Pedagogy, English Language, Sanskrit Language, Punjabi Language, Urdu Language and Part IV( a) Math & Science and Social Studies Keys; we are providing some Parts Answer Key for your satisfactions.

HTET TGT Answer Key

Q. Choose the mis-spelt word.

A. Simlie

Q. Jamsetji Nusserewanji Tata was a clever and perceptive   businessman.

A. Naive

Q. This place has been officially marked as a conservation area, and any kink of building is forbidden here.

A. Designated

Q. Since Rahul was five years old, swimming has been his passion.

A. Gerund

Q. The idiom ' know the ropes' means

A. To understand the procedures and details involved in something.

Q. I must remember my key. " What does the underlined auxiliary 'must' suggest?"

A. Obligation

Q. Choose the correct passive construction of the following sentence :

A. He has made to compete the work.

Q. Choose the correct one word for 'incapable of being wiped our or effaced'

A. Irrevocable

Q. Error Questions.

A. for the new

A. most famous

A. Adverb Clause of Reason

A. I confessed my ignorance of the way to my friend and asked him if he know the way.

Q. Incorrect Sentence

A. One should do his duty well

Q. How does education offer an enormous bill of fare?

A. There are a variety of courses to choose from.

Q. What according to the writer is education for?

A. To know the first-rate in the subject that we study.

Q. Which of the following sentences is not said by the writer?

A. We should attend school to pass exams and to secure degrees.

Q. Which of the following is not a synonym of ' profusion'?

A. Limited

Q. Synonym of replete

A. Sated

Q. Which of the following seems to be the most likely purpose of writing this passage?

A. To motivate readers to pursue excellence in their chosen are of interest.

Q. Which of the following sentences is not true about Communicative Language Teaching?

A. The classroom during a communicative class is quiet.

Q. Which of the following sentences is correct?

A. The nightingale as well as the cuckoo is a singing bird.

Q. When ---- hut.

A. nearby

Q. I'm going --------bread.

A. some

Q. Vanya speaks English------Elocution Contest.

A. fluently and correctly

Q. Sahil read the letter---- detail

A. more

Q. He--- yesterday

A. Wrote

Q. The moral ---- civil.

A. Preposition

Q. When learners are involved---------use the language

A. Communicative approach

Q. Nothing will make him repent.


HTET TGT Child Development and Pedagogy Answer Key

Q. Following is influenced by --------senses by students.

A. Learning product and process

Q. A teacher has to be------means

A. He should have adequated knowledge to -------his students

Q. Creative answers require

A. Open ended answer type questions

Q. Which of the -------social development of a child?

A. Peer group

Q. Which of the -----related to teaching learning?

A. Problem related to understanding of subject-matter.

Q. Which of the following ---------of a child?

A. All of the above.

Q. Earlier ------part of

A. Philosophy

Q. What is not ------health of the students?

A. Revision of the syllabus

Q. Which of the following ------growth and development?

A. Both Learning and Maturation

Q. The concentration and ------- type of development?

A. Intellectual development

Q. The habit of telling------ improved by

A. Awarding children who speak truth

Q. Which of the following --------type of children?

A. Resourceful children

Q. Generally the following -----girls and boys are observed

A. Girls are two-three years ahead in physical development.

Q. Sixteen years old--------he id developing

A. Autonomy

Q. Which of the ------not correct?

A. Thinking is not required for creativity.

Q. Which of the following----- in adolescence?

A. Ego-centralism

Q. Which statement is ------of personality?

A. Personality is limited only to the appearance of a person

Q. Which of the -------mental development?

A. Tendency of rote learning

Q. To check rising anger-----teacher should

A. give him more work to provided him no time to get angry.

Q. Which of the ----- memory of a child?

A. Theory of motivated forgetting

Q. Which of the -----reference to adsolescence?

A. Self-consciousness is reduced.

Q. Method for ------gifted children is

A. Intelligence test

Q. A child first learns moving--------by this example?

A. Principle of integration

Q. According to Stanley-----stress and storm is

A. Adolescence

Q. If a student asks a wrong ------what will you do?

A. correct the questions with the help of other students

Q. Peer pressure has -----during

A. Early Adolescence

Q. Observing a child-----observation of

A. Informal

Q. What effort will ----of a problematic child?

A. Make effort to bring change- -------attitude

Q. Which law of Thorndike indicates -------in learning?

A. Law of Effects

HTET TGT Science Answer Key

Q. Which of the following defect causes ------density of the crystal?

A. Schottky

Q. Gastrin

A. Stimulates gastric secretion

Q. If we apply oil on door-------friction will

A. decrease

Q. In Zn| Zn2+-----the following is correct

A. Cu 2+ undergoes reduction

Q. In mollusca -----is found

A. Spiral

Q. Deodar belongs to

A. Pteridophyta

Q. Technique for -----DNA is known as

A. Recombinant DNA technology

Q. The decrease -----molecule is called

A. Hypochromic shift

Q. Which of ------matched?

A. A & B (Pyramid of number in Grassland ---- & Pyramid of Biomas in Pond---)

Q. When a light wave------ unchanged?

A. Frequency

Q. Magnetic ----is maximum

A. Diamagnetic

Q. Dimensional formula of viscosity is

A. M1 L-1 T-1

Q. An example of Pseudo unimoleular reaction is

A. C12 H22 O11-----

Q. Which of the following gases------temperature?

A. CO2

Q. Part of the eye-------is called as

A. Iris

Q. Palade particles is ------organelles?

A. Ribosomes

Q. Which among the -------donar impurity?

A. P

Q. Coffee is obtained ----plant?

A. Seed

Q. Crossing over -----meiousis?

A. Pachytene stage

Q. Twinkling of stars------atmospheric

A. Scattering of light by dust particles

Q. The acid which ----carboxylic group is

A. Picric acid

Q. A gas decolourises bromine ---------The gas is

A. Methane

Q. In which of the following ------reduced?

A. MnO4 ---MnO2

Q. In plants Auxin----maximum at

A. growing apex

Q. Which of the following-----electromagnetic ways

A. Sound ways in air

Q. The oil film deposited ---------colored due to

A. Scattering of Light.

Q. Formula of Borax is

A. NA2B4O7.10H2O

Q. Plasmolysis in plant-----due to

A. Exosmosis

HTET TGT Math Answer Key

Q. If one side of a square be a, ----will be

A. I/4 #a2

Q. A, B and C hired a car in Rs. 2,080------will C pay?

A. 880/-

Q. Find the sum of : 2/10+2/1000-2/100------

A. 0.1822

Q. Sum of all odd proper-------360 is

A. 81

Q. 17 Cards numbered -------on the card is a prime number

A. 7/17

Q. Umang sells 250-----in percentage

A. 25%

Q. If x+1/x=p, ----value of x2+1/x2

A. P2-2

Q. The product of two numbers -----two numbers

A. 14

Q. The roots of -----are

A. Imaginary

Q. Rs. 1,200 is divided  between A, ------B's Part is --

A. Rs. 200/-

Q. Which of the following defects------curriculum of Mathematics?

A. i & ii

Q. 29-28+27-----

A. 4

Q. In a village, ration of men-----is

A. 160

Q. If a= ---

A. b>c

Q. The organization of content------should be

A. According to students

Q. Find the value of ----

A. 9

Q. Underroot of 72% of 8

A. 2.4

Q. The length of a rectangle is -----same area

A. 37.5%

Q. if 17-----then remainder is

A. 17

Q. The sum of all integers ------5 is --

A. 50800

Q. Any amount gets ------will it be double

A. 7 years 9 months

Q. Which one is ------data

A. Median - Mode

Q. 2.33x2.33+----- is equal to

A. 4

Q. The value of ------

A. 1/70 (3 underroot 10+2 underroot 5

Q. Which of the ----least

A. 14/19

HTET TGT Social Science Answer Key

Q. El-nino is a

A. A warm current of south pacific ocean

Q. Which of the ---------hydroelecticity project?

A. all a,b,c,d,e

Q. In which Session of ------Non Cooperation Movement

A. Nagpur

Q. Techniques adopted by ----groups are

A. i, ii, iii

Q. According to the constitution, Prime Minister is

A. Head of the Union Council of Ministers

Q. Vellanvagai was the kind o ------, it denotes

A. Land given to the schools

Q. Doon Valleys of ----between

A. Lesser Himalaya & Karakoram Mountains

Q. In June, 1789 A.D, the Third Estate----led by

A. Robespierre

Q. Which of the following political ------National Party

A. Shiv Sena

Q. Amongst the neighbouring--------with India

A. Bangladesh & Afganistan

Q. The Indian coastal plains------- called as

A. Coromandel & Northern Sarkar

Q. The Indian Monsoon is ------because

A. Monsoon winds run through South- West to North East direction

Q. Birsa Munda was the resident of

A. Patna

Q. Which of the following ----metal

A. Lead

Q. B.C.E. is used with ------it means

A. Before Common Era

Q. The first Cottorn Textile---- in India at

A. Bombay (1854)

Q. The First English Factory ------

A. Surat

Q. According to the targets of the -------stable population?

A. 2045

Q. In the History of Indian census, -------recorded highest?

A. 1981-1991

Q. The British Governor General-----Paramountcy was

A. Warren Hastings

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