Independence Day 15 August 2014 Greetings and speech

Very Very Happy Independence Day to all my countrymen.

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My Dear Co-patriots,

Now in 2014 we are going to celebrate the 68th Independence day in India. It is the day freedom. On the day of 15 August,1947 became independent after centuries of slavery. Before this we were slaves to the British (Angrej) company.The British came to India for business. Gradually they ruled all our nation.Indians life made by them like a hell. They undergo many suffered and tortured. All Indians were annoyed with their violence and then a flame of revolt exploded. Many Indian Heroes sacrificed their lives and finally having the independence taken the rest. This day our country became independent, so it is called independence day. Since 1947,we are celebrating this Golden Day with pomp and show.

We  had dreamed that a day would come which empowers us to rule our nation as per our wishes and it came by way of August 15,1947. Many freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru , Sukhdev , Laala Laaj Pat Rai,Mangal Pandey , Sardar Patel and the likes kissed the gallows, became martyr with happiness so that the coming generations of nation might breathe in the air of liberty.


In Indian freedom Gandhi ji played main role. By their invaluable efforts we got liberty. Gandhi ji united all over country and under his leadership put pressure on British to quit India. They started many movements like Quit movement, non cooperation, Satyagrah movement. We can not forgot their invaluable efforts as well as their fellow also.

Celebrations of Independence In India

Happy Independence Day

This Golden Day is the day of celebrations for all our countrymen. This National festival is celebrated not only in India but all over the world also by the NRIs.  This Day our National Flag(Tiranga Jhanda) is billow on the roofs of  schools and Govt. Offices and National Anthem rhymes also. This Day homage to all great heroes and martyrs. In our Capital Delhi, the Prime Minister hoist the National Flag at the Red Fort. Several meetings and programs are held. The main guests of the towns of the India unfurled the National Flag to honor the nation.

But it is not the real Independence which we are seeing. We need the Independence from hoarding, ingestion and black marketing,terrorism and crime on women who are finishing the country one by one. So we should live with the spirit of unity and avoid internal strife.

So celebrate this day with your friends and relatives with joy and say Jai Hind, Jai Bharat and Vande Matram.


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