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Intelligence Bureau has notified for the Recruitment of the year 2014 to apply  for 750 Asst Central Intelligence Officer which come under the category of Grade-II/ Executive Posts. many candidates have applied for the posts and are preparing well for the examination, it will provide an additional advantage for the candidates if they get to know the previous papers, the question papers of the IB notified posts of exam are provided here, the candidates can know more details of the exam by going through the official website of the Intelligence Bureau which is

To get a brief description of the paper of Intelligence Bureau Grade-II/ Executive Posts, a model paper  has been given here for the better understanding of the candidates. Download IB ACIO Question Papers of Last Years Exams at following links :


1. Though there is hourly bus service on this route (A) / a number of people are still suffering (B) / as there is no bus shelter here. (C) No error. (D)

2. The boss took strict measures (A) / with a view to ensuring punctuality (B) / on the part of his subordinates. (C) No error. (D)

3. People prefer to be identified (A) /by their caste community or religion first (B) / rather to be known as Indians first. (C) No error. (D)

4. Mrs. Dorai would rather (A) / spend a quiet evening (B) / than attending a party. (C) No error. (D)

5. Being idle sometimes is agreeable (A) / but being idle all the times (B) / might become monotonous. (C) No error. (D)


1. 1. There are some places that experience heavy rains throughout the year.

P. So, the local administration should take steps to provide a proper drainage system to clear the stagnant water.

Q. If water stagnates on the road sides, it leads to the spread of infectious diseases.

R. Additionally, measures should be taken to spray disinfectants.

S. In such places, people adapt themselves to moist weather.

6. By taking such steps, spread of diseases can be checked.






2. 1. Addiction to alcoholic drinks affects the social life of the people.

P. Gradually drinking becomes a habit.

Q. The person becomes an addict.

R. When once it becomes a habit, it is difficult to give up.

S. A person begins to drink just for the fun of it.

6. If he doesn’t have his bottle of drink, he becomes restless.





3. People ought not to speak about such things in public—

(A) Such things ought to be not spoken about in public by people

(B) Such things ought not to be spoken about in public

(C) Such things ought to be spoken about not in public

(D) Let such things not be spoken about in public by people


4. I shall be complimented by all when I win the game—

(A) Everyone will compliment me when the game is won by me

(B) All shall compliment me when I win the game

(C) All are complimenting me when the game is won

(D) All will have complimented me when I win the game

Previous years IB ACIO question papers Download PDF


  1. Ancient history
  2. Medieval: Minimum topics
  3. Modern (British Raj) Min.Topix
  4. World history
  5. Culture

·  Science (theory)

  1. Science (Current Affairs)
  2. Space
  3. Defense
  4. Environment

·  Polity

·  Geography

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