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Flood in Jammu Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is the state which is located in Himalaya Mountains in North side of India share with border of Himachel Pardesh, Punjab in South.  Jammu and Kashmir has an international border with China in the north side  and east side & the Line of Control separates it from the Pakistani-controlled territories of Aazaad Kashmir and Gilgit–Baltistan in the west and north-west respectively. Jammu and Kashmir region is the subject of a territorial qurrel among China, India and Pakistan.

Jammu and Kashmir exist of three regions Jammu, the Kashmir valley and Ladakh. Srinagar is the summer capital, and Jammu is the winter capital. Ladaakh is also known as “Little Tibet”.

Hari Singh had enlarged the throne of Kashmi in 1925 and was the reigning monarch at the conclusion of British rule in the subcontinent in 1947. On 20 October, 1947 Locals and tribesmen backed by Pakistan invaded Kashmir.

Division                                                                     Area KM2              Percentage Area
Kashmir                                                                    15,948                    15.73%
Jammu                                                                      26,293                   25.93%
Ladakh                                                                       59,146                   58.33%
India administrated Jammu and Kashmir           101387 km2                 100%.

Flood in Jammu and Kashmir:-

Now the Jammu and Kashmir is facing flood. So he is missing due to flood. The situation in Jammu and Kashmir has become worse as more areas have become submerged in flood waters, leaving a trail of death and extirpation. The death roll in the floods, the worst to have hit the state in the last 60 years, has reached 215, while 82,000 people have been

Thousands of families are stranded and expecting help in their homes across the valley. The districts in South Kashmir districts are the worst hit by the destruction, with many areas still cut off. Over 35% of the capital city Srinagar is under flood waters. More than 10 lakh peoples are affected in Jammu division.

kashmir flood


SRINAGAR, Sept 10,2014: Water levels have started back in Srinagar city, one of the worst hit by the flood but four lakh peoples were today still waiting for help in the flood destroyed Kashmir valley. In Srinagar town there is a decrease in water level by 3 feet to 4 feet since the beginning of the floods, whereas there is a rise of 6 inches in Wuller Lake. They said Manasbal Lake saw a reduction by 3 ” bringing the water level to12 feet, which is still 4.3 feet above danger mark.

Kashmir after Flood

Kashmir after Flood

The firm has 371 telephone exchanges of which 121 got affected and 31 have been overhaul so far.
BSNL has also set up 5 satellite terminals in Srinagar including at the residence of Chief Minister, Raj Bhawan and DG Police.

help line

help line no.

Why home just be immeresed

Army officials say that the geographical location of Srinagar is like bowls. According to them the way the edges than in the middle of the bowl depth is exactly the same way below levels between areas. That is why those areas are flooded two or three floors.

flood in Jammu and Kashmir

Site of flood in Jammu and Kashmir

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