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Festival of Janmaashtami

Janmashtmi festival is celebrated in India with pomp and show which is   denote to the birth anniversary  of Lord Krishna. The Eighth day of bhadra krishanpaksh is marked as the grand festival the birth of Lord Shri Krishan known as Janmashtami.  About 950 Million peoples celebrates this festival in whole world. This festival is celebrated for days.  The first day is called Krishanashtami and the second day is called Kalashtami.

Yashoda Nandan, Devki Putra(son) are worshiped for centuries in Indian society. As per Hindu mythology Krishana was the incarnation( avtaar) of  Lord Vishnu.  He was the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudev. Devaki was the sister of Asura Kansa who was the king of Mathura.  As per divine foretell, he had to be killed by Devaki's eighth son.

Kansa pulled down Devaki by her hair, drew his sword and ready to kill her at the spot. But Vasudev begged for her wife's life and promised to him that he will kill the eighth child. So he (Kansa) imprisonment his sister Devaki and Brother in Law. After some time a child was born in the prison from the womb of Devaki. After the command of divine intervention the Vasudev carried out his new born child in wicker basket through river Yamuna and reached the village Gokul.

Vasudev Picture

He exchanged the child with Nand and Yashoda child and returned in prison. Then Kansa tried to kill the Eighth child, but the child skipped the hand of Kansa's & take  the  Goddess form(Yogmaya) and told him that who will reach you death of pier had been born and was safe elsewhere.

At a latter time this prophecy proved when Lord Krishana killed Kansa.

Celebration of Janmashtmi

Lord Krishana was very fond of butter in his Childhood, so he is also known Butter thief(Maakhanchor). He used to steal butter(Makhan) of villagers with his friends.Makhan Chor, nandakishor pitcher break (Dahi Handi) competition organized on the birth anniversary(Janmashtmi), what kind of sport is understood that while self-balancing can be achieved the goal. On this day, the devotees keep long fasts and sings bhajans till Midnight when Lord Krishan was born. On this day after elevate the camphor, turmeric, curd, ghee, oil, saffron and water the people emollient and intake of this items with  great joy and enthusiasm.  Prizes are also offered to those who break the Matki( Dahi Handi) by the local communities.


Janmashtami - The ritual of Raasleela

It is well known that the Lord Krishana was the lover of Radha. They played Raasleela with Radha and her female friends(Gopi). When Lord Krishana was used to play flute then Radha & her friends dances around him. The ritual of raas leela is seen in virndawan(Mathura) on every Janmashatmi.

Krishna was born in Mathura. So, especially at Mathura -Vrindavan where the lord spent his childhood, birthday (Krishna Janmashtmi) is celebrated with Great Spirit, devotion and pleasure all over India. In Mathura the Radhavallabh temple Janmashtami is celebrated in different manner with the emotions of Sakhi. The whole temple is decorated with yellow color.

Bhog prepared on Janmashtami

In Srinagar darshan panchamrit is distributed, a special bhog is prepared like Mohan Bhog, sweets like Dhaniya barfi, mungi burfi etc, rabri and many more.

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