Preparation Tips-How to Prepare in Examination Days

Preparation Tips of Examination/ Exam Days Preparation Tips/How to prepare in Exam Days/Competitive Examination Preparation Tips

Students are afraid of only one thing and that is exam. The word exam creates tension and terror in the minds of students.  But you should not afraid of exam.  Here are some tips for you how you should prepare for exam.

  • Daily Activities List - At first you should make a list of your daily activities. When the exams are near you should fix small targets daily for yourselves such as revising one chapter of each subject daily or reading and understanding at least 150 pages daily.
  • Peace full Environment- You should also keep in mind that there should be peaceful environment around you while studying. There should be no noise around you.
  • Proper Diet- Your diet also play a great role in your study. Most of the students skip their breakfast. They hurriedly leave for school in the morning without taking breakfast and carry insufficient lunch with them. Our muscles need energy to work.  Our Body absorb energy from the food that we take.  If there is nothing in our stomach, from where does our body absorb energy?  In this way, our muscles will become passive and we can not study any more. So we should take heavy breakfast and sufficient lunch.  We should take light dinner at night.
  • Play Out Door Games- Sometimes we become bored after devoting much time to study.  In this situation, we should play some outdoor games. After playing our mind gets relaxed and we can start our study again.
  • Concentration - Concentration also plays a great role in study.  When we concentrate our mind, we can learn tough things easily.  And if we loose our concentrate, we can't learn even simple things.
  • Yoga and Meditation- Yoga keeps us physically fit and meditation makes us mentally tough.
  • Rest and Sleep- Sometimes we devote maximum time to study.  Even we do not take sufficient rest and sleep.  We become tired and tensed if we study without taking sufficient sleep.  So we should sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours daily during exam.
  • Discussion - When we start studying, we should keep in mind that we should devote time to each subject one by one.  This will make our study interesting .  These days discussion is also necessary for getting our points cleared.  So many things that we can not learn in class room can be learnt by discussion.
  • Why Sheet- If you feel bores at the time of study then keep a white written paper sheet. From which a few lines will be written by you that why are you studying. These lines will keep remind you that what is your aim and what is the benefit of learning.
  • Reward yourself- At the time to learning the you should give reward yourself. This is increase confidence and a wish of learning borne in you mind.

So the candidates who are preparing any exams/competitive exams. They adopt above points of good preparation. These tips will motivate you at the time of studying.

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