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SSC CGL Tier I Exam 2015-

Staff Selection Commission New Delhi organize Combined Graduate Level Examination for the Various post of Group B, C every year.  This year SSC CGL Exam was held on 09.08.2015 in different centres of the country for the appointment of Inspector, Auditor, Annalist etc. According to exam there were 200 questions from which a negative marking will be done of 0.25 marks of each wrong answer.

SSC CGL Tier I Answer Key-

Like every year SSC publish CGL Answer Key every year to remove the doubts of the candidates. According to this all examine telly their performance with Question Booklet. Now the Commission will announce the Official Answer Key at official website so far we are providing some questions answer key.

As per Booklet Sr. No. GA -1008554 RK -2015 Test Form No. 1008554 

Part A General Intelligence & Reasoning.

Q. 1 Select the Mission Number form the Given Responses.

7          5          3

8          4          9

2          8          ?

112   160   162

Ans. 6

Q. 2 Select the missing number from the given responses.

Ans. 1097

Q. 3. Select the Missing Number.

Ans. 18

Q.4. Select the missing number.

ans. 15

Q.5. Select the missing number.


32  2-165
424-2  40?

Ans. 0

Q. 6. Find out the number of Circles in the given figure.


Q. 7. DxH: 4x8 as MxQ : ?

Ans. 13x17

Q. 8. AEFJ: KOPT ::  ?  : QUVZ


Q. 9. Pride of Lions: :     ? of Cats.

Ans. Clowder

Q. 10 Hematology : Blood : :   Phycology :  ?

Ans. Algae/ Shewal

Q. 11.    2 : 32 : : 3 :  ?

Ans. 243

Q. 12.  MAN : PDQ : : WAN :  ?

Ans. ZDQ

Q. 13. A train Start from station A and reaches B 15 minutes --------------------------The distance between the two station is ---

Ans. 18 K.M.

Q. 22.  Find the given alternative words, select the word which can not be formed using the letter of the given word.

Answer. Mercy

Q. 23. Find the Odd Letters Pair.


Q. 24. Find the Odd Letters Pair.


Q. 25. Find the Odd Number Pair.

Ans. 104 : 78

Q. 26.  Find the Odd Number.

Ans. 7202

Q. 27. Find the Odd word.

Ans. Noon

Q. 28. Find the odd word.

Ans. Society

Q. 29. Name a single letter, which can be prefixed to the ---------new words?

Ans. 'S'

Q. 30. Which numbers indicates doctors who are not marrier.

Ans. 6

Q.31. Sunita rode her scooty nortwards------ ride northwards initially ?

Ans. 4 K.M.

Q. 32. In a certain code " Mouse" is written as "PRUQC, How is " Shift" written in that code?


General Awareness

Q. 51 Which of the following river does not originate in Indian territory?

Ans= Brahmaputra

Q.52 The legislature in a democratic country can influence public opinion by ?

Ans=  Focussing attention on public issues

Q.53 One of the features of a free market economy is

Ans=  Consumer's sovereignty

Q.54 In 1939 Subhash Chandra Bose was elected as President of the Congress Party defeating

Ans=   Pattabhi Sitharamayya

Q.55 To whom the line A thing of beauty is a joy for ever is attributed?

Ans=  John Keats

Q.56 The graded profile of a river course is a

Ans= smooth curve from source to mouth.

Q.57 Most commonly used bleaching agent is

Ans= Cholorine

Q.58 Which hill stations name means place of the thunderbolt?

Ans=  Vikramaditya- Chaitanya

Q.59 Which one of the following pair is not correctly matched?

Ans= Darjeeling

Q.60 Gross National Product –Depreciation Allowance=?

Ans= Net National Product

Q.61 Which of the following is FALSE with respect to rain water harvesting?

Ans=  It increase run-off losses

Q.62 The maximum fixation of solar energy is done by

Ans= Green Plants

Q.63 What happens when a drop of glycerol is added to crushed KMnO4 spread on a paper?

Ans=  The paper ignites

Q.64 Jallianwala incident took place at

Ans= Amritsar

Q.65 Agha Khan Cup is related with which of the following sport event?

Ans=  Hockey

Q.66 Outside the nucleus DNA is found in

Ans= Mitochondria

Q.67 Which among the following is not a Bretton Woods Institution?


Q.68 Internal economies

Ans=  arise when there is expansion in internal trade.

Q.69 Where was the first conference of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) held?

Ans=  Dhaka

Q.70 The velocity of sound in moist air is more than in dry air because the moist air has

Ans= Less density than dry air.

Q.71 The ship building yard-Mazgaon Dock is located at

Ans=  Mumbai


Remaining SSC CGL Answer Key will be provide soon.  In this exam was some error in printing so the commission has been decided that such type candidates will be called for re - examination on 30.08.2015.  So the aspirants please apply for claim till 16.08.2015.

See SSC CGL Tier I Re Examination Notice 

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